audio processing tree

AgsAudio — A container of channels organizing them as input or output
AgsAudioSignal — Contains the audio data and its alignment
AgsChannel — Acts as entry point to the audio tree.
AgsConfig — Config Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer
AgsDevout — Outputting to soundcard
AgsInput — Input of AgsAudio
AgsNotation — Notation class supporting selection and clipboard.
AgsNote — Note class.
AgsOutput — Output of AgsAudio
AgsPattern — Pattern representing tones
AgsPort — Perform thread-safe operations
AgsRecall — The recall base class
AgsRecallAudio — audio context of recall
AgsRecallAudioRun — audio context of dynamic recall
AgsRecallAudioSignal — audio signal context of recall
AgsRecallChannel — channel context of recall
AgsRecallChannelRun — dynamic channel context of recall
AgsRecallChannelRunDummy — channel dummy dynamic context of recall
AgsRecallContainer — Container to group recalls
AgsRecallDependency — Object specifing dependency
AgsRecallFactory — Factory pattern
AgsRecallID — The object specifies run context.
AgsRecallLadspa — The object interfacing with LADSPA
AgsRecallLadspaRun — The object interfacing with LADSPA
AgsRecallRecycling — recycling context of recall
AgsRecallRecyclingDummy — recycling dummy dynamic context of recall
AgsRecycling — A container of audio signals
AgsRecyclingContainer — A container of recycling acting as dynamic context.
AgsTask — Perform operations in a thread safe context.
AgsTimestamp — Timestamp unix and alike
AgsTimestampFactory — Factory pattern