Task - Data exchanged between Audio and GUI

AgsAddAudio — add audio object to devout
AgsAddAudioSignal — add audio_signal object to recycling
AgsAddLineMember — add line_member object to line
AgsAddNote — add note object to notation
AgsAddPointToSelection — add point to notation selection
AgsAddRecall — add recall object to context
AgsAddRegionToSelection — add region to notation selection
AgsAppendAudio — append audio object to audio loop
AgsAppendChannel — append channel object to audio loop
AgsAppendRecall — append recall object to audio loop
AgsApplyBpm — apply bpm to delay audio
AgsApplySequencerLength — apply sequencer length to delay audio
AgsApplySynth — apply synth to channel
AgsApplyTact — apply tact to delay audio
AgsCancelAudio — cancel audio object in audio loop
AgsCancelChannel — cancel channel object
AgsCancelRecall — cancel recall object
AgsChangeIndicator — change indicator object
AgsDisplayTact — display tact object
AgsExportOutput — export output object
AgsFreeSelection — free selection object
AgsInitAudio — init audio object
AgsInitChannel — init channel object
AgsMuteAudio — mute audio
AgsMuteAudioSignal — mutes audio signal
AgsMuteChannel — mutes channel
AgsMuteRecycling — mutes recycling
AgsOpenFile — open file object
AgsRemoveAudio — remove audio object of devout
AgsRemoveAudioSignal — remove audio_signal object to recycling
AgsRemoveNote — remove note object to notation
AgsRemoveRecall — remove recall object to context
AgsSaveFile — save file object
AgsScrollOnPlay — scrolls the editor
AgsSetAudioChannels — resizes audio channels
AgsSetAudioChannels — resizes buffer size
AgsSetAudioChannels — modifies devout play flags
AgsSetMuted — set muted to delay audio
AgsSetOutputDevice — resets soundcard
AgsSetSamplerate — modifies samplerate
AgsStartDevout — start devout object
AgsToggleLed — toggle led object
AgsTogglePatternBit — toggles the pattern