AgsSynth — synth


#include <ags/X/machine/ags_synth.h>

struct              AgsSynth;
struct              AgsSynthClass;
enum                AgsSynthFlags;
AgsSynth *          ags_synth_new                       (GObject *devout);


The AgsSynth is a composite widget to act as synth.


struct AgsSynth

struct AgsSynth {
  AgsMachine machine;

  guint flags;

  gchar *name;
  gchar *xml_type;

  guint mapped_input_pad;
  guint mapped_output_pad;

  GtkVBox *input_pad;

  GtkSpinButton *lower; // how many channels until to lowest freq
  GtkSpinButton *loop_start;
  GtkSpinButton *loop_end;

  GtkCheckButton *auto_update;
  GtkButton *update;

struct AgsSynthClass

struct AgsSynthClass {
  AgsMachineClass machine;

enum AgsSynthFlags

typedef enum {
  AGS_SYNTH_AUTO_UPDATE          = 1,
} AgsSynthFlags;

ags_synth_new ()

AgsSynth *          ags_synth_new                       (GObject *devout);

Creates an AgsSynth

devout :

the assigned devout.

Returns :

a new AgsSynth

Since 0.3